Our camera club has held an Annual ‘Turkey Shoot’ since 1994. Early in the year we vote on a list of 10 categories. By Christmas each member is to have a collection containing a single print (minimum 4”x6” and maximum 5”x7”) for each category, mounted on a poster board size sheet. (The judging is of the prints only. The poster board is merely a means to display them, and the prints are to have been taken since the previous year’s Turkey Shoot Competition.) The committee chairperson chooses a panel of judges among our members. They will judge the entries and decide the winners of each category in time for the Christmas Party. Each panel is to have up to 10 prints mounted and numbered for the corresponding category. All panels are to be anonymous. The committee chairperson will record ownership of each panel and each owner will receive a number to attach to their panel. Less than 10 categories entered is acceptable.

     At our annual Christmas Party all members and spouses are to choose their overall favorite panel for the “People’s Choice” award. The top winner used to receive a frozen turkey to take home for Christmas dinner but this was changed to $50 and all of the individual category prizes are $10 each. The rules of the competition do not allow for the winner of the overall competition to win in any other individual competition. The amount for the People’s Choice prize (that is judged by those attending the Christmas party) is $25.00.

    The camera club has a monthly competition.  The second meeting  in the month is generally reserved for our Competition night. The categories vary and the winner of the previous month will decide the category for the next month’s competition. This is a test of one’s skills with the camera, not of member’s skills in Photoshop or similar editing programs.

     The image is to be taken after the contest is announced. A wide interpretation is allowed.  The image is to be received before or at the meeting when they will be judged, brought by either email, CD, or USB flash.  The image is to be sent as a .JPG of reasonable quality, size about 1-2 MB.  If the member can resize to 1024 X 768 pixels, that would be ideal.  Resolution is irrelevant.  The image can be a 4 X 6 inch print and be available at judging.  

     There is to be no heavy image manipulation.  Sharpening, cropping, color balance, levels adjustments, etc., are allowed.  

The Monthly theme entries can be seen HERE

West Kootenay Camera Club - Turkey Shoot

West Kootenay Camera Club Monthly Theme Competition

View the Monthly Theme winner

    The West Kootenay Camera Club started a Travelling Exhibition (TE) approximately two years ago and it has been a huge success as evidenced by the many positive reactions we have received from both the venues involved, and the general public.  

However, the Travelling Exhibition Committee (TEC) has found that the time and work involved during the hanging process could be greatly alleviated by asking the donating members to follow the simple new rules which we have set out below:

1.  In future, all photos presented for the TE will need to be framed by the photographer and ready to be hung with wire attached to the frame.  Attach the wire at the top third of the frame, leaving approximately 1 – 2 inches between the top of the frame and the wire.

2. Framed photos may be any size you like, matted or not, but the outside measurements should be no larger than 16” x 20” and no smaller than 11” x 14”.

3. Photos which are larger or smaller than those sizes, or unframed, will not be accepted.

4. Photos that are already on display will not be changed as this applies only to any photos that are presented for display from this time on.

We hope that this will lessen the workload of the TEC and will also serve to bring a more cohesive presentation to the public.   Thanks to everyone for donating to the TE.  It is a pleasure to display all of the inspiring photos.

Anyone in the WKCC is welcome to join the TEC, see how it’s done, and have some fun.  Please contact the TEC members:  Vi Madrigga, Cal Him, Robert Dyke, Judy Wray, or Marie Croteau for information on the next hanging date which is estimated to be around the end of September.

West Kootenay Camera Club - Travelling Exhibition