The North Shore Photographic Challenge

     The North Shore Photographic Challenge is an annual competition of CAPA member photography clubs from BC and the Yukon. Each club submits 6 images from 6 different photographers, and the club with the highest point total awarded by three experienced judges wins the North Shore Challenge Trophy.

The format will continue this year where individual members can enter up to 3 photos for first round screening. Additional details can be found on the website, http://www.nsps.ca/challenge/

North Shore Photographic Challenge - Please refer to web page for details of submissions.


As another year begins, so do the photo competitions. This is a reminder that we have two external competitions:

1) The North Shore Photographic Challenge, and;
2) The Celebration of Nature Photography.

For those who wish to be part of the judging panel, inform Eileen (suzi3q@telus.net) and Jeff (wkcc@belza.ca).

Please submit your photos to wkcc@belza.ca and specify which competition you are entering. Jeff will resize your photos accordingly. Info on each of the competitions is as noted below.

Celebration of Nature Photography

Please refer to the Lions Gate Camera Club Celebration of Nature website for more details: http://lionsgatecc.com/