Echinacea - Laura Ranallo
Echinacea - Laura Ranallo

Turkey Shoot competition

Planning for the annual WKCC Turkey Shoot begins early in the year. Ten category themes are chosen and distributed on wallet-sized cards. Members have until Christmas to shoot any or all of the theme categories and produce 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 inch photo prints. These are arranged on sturdy poster board for judging. The name of the photographer cannot appear anywhere on the board to preserve fairness in the judging process. The chairperson assigns an identifying number to all boards on submission.

The judging panel, chosen by the chairperson, view all the entry boards at a closed meeting. They select and tag winning photos for each category, and the grand prize winner for the panel with the most winning photos. The chairperson records the winners but keeps the photographer names secret until the awards ceremony at the Christmas celebration.

All panels are displayed for the first time at the annual Christmas celebration, amidst great speculation about the identity of winning photographers. As a bonus, members and spouses vote for their favourite panel for the People’s Choice Award. The winning photographers are finally revealed at the awards ceremony following a potluck dinner. The prize for the best panel is $50, best category $10 and the People’s Choice Award is $25.

Competition categories 2020

1) Old Building, 2) Signs, 3) Insects, 4) Mushrooms, 5) Long Exposures, 6) Macro, 7) Pets, 8) Vintage Windows and or Doors, 9) Waterfalls, 10) Photographer’s Choice

Summary of rules

  • Only photos shot in the current year may be entered.
  • Any or all theme categories may be entered.
  • Photo print size: minimum 4×6 inches or maximum of 5×7 inches
  • Photos must be mounted on a sturdy poster board or foam core panel.
  • The category number, not the category name, must caption the photos.
  • The name of the photographer must not appear anywhere on the board, front or back.
  • The panel must be delivered in a large plastic bag to a specified location and date.
  • The committee chairperson numbers entry panels, on receipt, to preserve fairness is judging.
  • The best panel winner may not receive individual category prizes.