Create a New Post

As with ‘Pages” there is more than one way to skin a cat and the creation of new posts and media are no different. Two of the easiest methods are:

1. By using the dropdown menu at the top of the page, where it says “+ New”. From there select your desired “New” item to add, either “Post” or “Media”. With your authorization level these are the only options.

2. Another is by using the “Posts” slide-out menu on the “Dashboard” menu.

Both of these methods take you to the same place, that of the “Add New Post” screen

Overlaid onto the photo below are some important areas to note about a New Post.

  1. The Post title is entered where it says “Enter title here”.
    • It’s important to note that whatever text is entered will become the ‘name’ of that ‘Post’ in the eyes of wordpress (the slug) once the title is entered and the post is “Published” for the first time.
    • The ‘Title’ can be changed after the fact, however the “slug” will remain unchanged. The definition and use of “slug” can come later.
  2. The text for the post will be entered here.
    • Here you can write whatever your heart desires. You can format the text, within guidelines, and add media (photos primarily, although other media is supported).
    • You will/should note that on the upper right corner of this text box are 2 tabs, one titled “Visual” the other “Text”. At this point in our learning we will only use the ‘Visual’ tab. The ‘Text’ tab will display a screen where HTML coding can be used to format the text. Switching between the 2 tabs will show the resulting any changes on the ‘Visual’ tab that were implemented on the ‘Text’ screen.
  3. The post ‘Publish’ options are determined here.
    • All options for Publish are listed here. You can “Save Draft” or “Preview” what you’ve written, and you can change the “Status”or “Visibility” of the Post. The “Publish” status (date, or schedule) can also be set or changed.
    • At the very bottom of the section is the “Publish” button, which makes the “Post” live. Once the Post has been Published the button will turn to read “Update”.
    • The post ‘Categories’ are selected here.
    • At the time of this writing 3 categories have been created, “Practice”, “Training”, and “Uncategorized”. Any number of categories can be chosen for each post, and new categories can be created.
  4. ‘Tags’ for the post are created or chosen here. Tags are simply key words which reflect the content or concept of the post.
    • A tag can be created by typing in the available box and clicking on “Add”.
    • By using the link “Choose from the most used tags” at the bottom of the section you can see which tags, if any, have been created.
  5. A ‘Featured Image’ is selected here, by utilizing the ‘Set featured image’ link. A Featured Image is an image (from the Media Gallery) that will be displayed above the post after it’s published.