The ‘Dashboard’ is the first page you will arrive at after you log in. Note this page (showing above) may look different than what you are experiencing. This is due to the authorization you have been assigned. Editor, Author, and Subscriber have varying levels of access and control over website functions and options, thus the controls and menus available to them are limited.

One link which is consistent to all is the “Visit Site” menu item, which is accessed by hovering the cursor over the “West Kootenay Camera Club” text on the top left of your browser window. Clicking on “Visit Site” will take you to the website home page and allow you to navigate to the post or page you wish to edit. This link is available from any screen or page if you are logged in, simply by hovering over the club name in the top bar.

Another consistent link would be that of your Login name in the top right of the browser window. A dropdown menu will display when hovering over your name, giving you the ability to “Edit my Profile”, or to “Log out”.

Over successive posts I will try to explain the other various menu items shown down the left hand column of the page, beginning with the menu item ‘Posts’.