Finding Posts

In order to modify any post you must be logged in and have access to the Dashboard. From there a number of ways are available to access any post (or page, or media).

  1. Bring up “Posts” from the Dashboard menu.

Once on the “Posts” screen you can navigate to the desired post by entering it’s name in the search box or by ‘sorting’ the “Date” column if the post you want is a recent one.

  1. Alternatively, go to the “Visit Site” menu item, which is accessed by hovering your mouse cursor over the “West Kootenay Camera Club” text on the top left of your browser window. Clicking on “Visit Site” will take you to the website home page and allow you to navigate to the post or page you wish to edit. This link is available from any screen or page if you are logged in, simply by hovering over the club name in the top bar.
    Note: this method will only work if the Post/Page is ‘Published’ and has a link or menu item to point to it.