‘Posts’ vs ‘Pages’

The first menu item below the ‘Dashboard’, on the left of the page, is “Posts”. One of the first questions that comes to mind is what are ‘posts’ and ‘pages’, and what are the differences. This document, this collection of words and photos, is a “Post”, titled “Posts vs Pages”. Depending on how you are viewing it the text may display as a standalone article or one of a grouping.


Posts are dynamic and each and all posts are listed in reverse-chronological order on a specific website page (determined by admin). Posts can be ‘categorized’, and ‘tags’ can be added to them to assist in organization and finding common topics. Think of posts as being entries in a journal or diary, one to follow another. The difference in this case is that the newest posts go at the beginning, while journal entries go at the end.


Pages are static, and once created and published they will not change nor will (or can) additional info be added to the page without conscious effort. The bulk of the WKCC site is made up of ‘Pages’, only this training section is made up of ‘Posts’ at this time.